Ron Polk was born in South Central Los Angeles to two loving parents who were also products of the ‘hood. His parents split up soon after his birth but their efforts to do what was best for the children were nothing less than excellent. Having well-intended parents, who struggled to survive while combating the ‘hood’s influence on the kids gave Ron a unique life experience that, when combined with his later professional development, gave him intimate involvement in both the street life and the American mainstream lifestyle.  The communications field taught him to communicate and his street experience gave him a perspective that sees through the smoke and mirrors of sophisticated schemes whether be from a con-man on the street or a law passing through congress. Not being traditionally educated, a unique sympathy towards opposing opinions, continuous reading and research means Ron’s filter always yields an invaluable one-of-a-kind opinion that provokes constructive thought from all sides of a subject. Ron says, “I can find the middle ground on the sharp edge of an ax.” He can translate the street perspective to non-street people and vice versa to help Americans from all backgrounds unite for the common struggle of forging a strong, unified and thriving America.