Note: “The Man” is the name the author gives America’s culprit pimp.

The Pimp Mentality

       Sex is the natural instinct, inherent in all humans, that drives our efforts to continue the human race. Most of our actions are rooted in efforts to procreate, so it is this instinct that pimps utilize to make other human beings profitable, money-making tools. Pimps are egotistical enough to feel they are entitled to the proceeds from a money-for-sex exchange between two other people. Confidence is the biggest part of the pimp’s allure, and makes women with low self-esteem aspire to have the high self-regard and confidence he portrays. These women look to the pimp for guidance, much like a little brother to his big brother, enabling him to program her mind as he pleases. The pimp uses this influence to control her decision-making, including the person she decides to have sex with, making the pimp the middleman to something as natural as sex between two people.

      In the same manner, The Man makes himself the middleman to natural human things. We pay to sleep through sleeping pills, we pay to be awake through energy drinks and supplements, we pay for focus through ADD medication, we pay to be regular with laxatives and antidiarrheal medicines, we pay for erections with Viagra and Cialis, and so much more. These are all natural human functions, but The Man found a way to profit by making himself necessary for us to get what we are entitled to by birth.


The government’s pimp mentality

      We as taxpayers pay to park on the same streets that our tax dollars pay to build and maintain. In San Francisco, some parking meters cost as much as $7.00 per hour, which means a minimum wage earner there spends half of his or her hourly wage to park on the very streets their tax dollars pay for. San Francisco, as of July 2017, enjoys a special $14 minimum wage so the visitor that doesn’t work there spends up to 75% of their hourly wage just to park at a meter. The person who doesn’t pay will be fined; too many fines results in the city impounding the car until the car owner pays for the fines, towing and storage. Parking tolls are not necessarily wrong, but the government raises fines over and over again and expands restricted parking hours in the name of maintaining our roads. But all of these measures are really to create more opportunities for government to fine citizens, which shows they are more concerned with revenue than purpose.

      I’ve measured potholes on Los Angeles roads over six inches deep weeks after the rains that created them abated. Street signs sit vandalized for months or years, and dangerous intersections that need stoplights take years to actually receive this safety upgrade. We continue to pay more, but the services remain sub-par and do not increase in accordance with tax and fine increases. While we don’t receive more road upkeep, politicians in charge of fine increases enjoy salary upgrades.

      We have a similarly obnoxious tax system wherein the government taxes us when we earn and when we spend our money. Technically, they only tax us when we earn our money, but they charge sales tax to merchants who pass the full burden down to us, the consumers.


So how do politicians benefit?

      We find out over and over again that politicians devise ways to benefit personally from our tax dollars. They all know the system, so some mind the system, some violate it with some degree of discipline and others do it blatantly; the latter tend to be the ones to get in trouble. Taxes, fines and fees are necessary to maintain our society, but The Man helps himself to increasing amounts of this money, whether through salary increases or thievery. Many fines do not match the level of criminality of the violations.

       I have a friend who forgot to pay a fine for a broken headlight, and it increased to $900. I automatically thought it was her fault for not paying to begin with, but when I thought about it, there’s no way that a broken headlight or forgetting to pay a ticket should ever cost $900. It’s simply not that wrong. A person making minimum wage would have to dedicate over three weeks of labor after taxes to pay this fine. This is today’s America and something is truly wrong with it.

      Here is an example to demonstrate the difference between what the government charges for a certain parking violation and what it actually costs to right the wrong done by parking illegally: Currently in the city of Los Angeles, the fine for parking your car on the wrong side of the street during street cleaning is $73, but I’m sure no one would pay anyone $73 to sweep a 6-foot by 16-foot patch of ground. As an experiment, I recently went downtown and asked several maintenance workers who were sweeping the sidewalks and gutters how much they would charge to clean the same sized area. None said more than $10, while most said $5. Add another $10 for administrative costs and it shows that the government makes $53 over costs.


Pimping out

      The term “pimp out” commonly refers to possessions like cars or houses with impressive, gaudy looking modifications. Similarly, a pimp “pimps out” women, making outrageous modifications to their minds and appearance to benefit him financially, egotistically and personally. This has a dramatic negative effect on the woman’s own physical and mental health. With these modifications in place, pimps make themselves the main beneficiary of a supply-and-demand system where they don’t provide the money or the sex. “Pimping out” anything reduces its capacity to be what it is.

      When a pimp pimps out a woman, he compromises her humanness and her potential as a member of society; she becomes profitable to him, but this diminishes her worth to humanity and herself. A person born with the ability to be a great inventor, scientist, athlete, religious scholar, mother, wife, poet or entrepreneur is relegated to being a sex slave who is merely a degraded human financial tool.

      Similar to a pimp, greedy officials pimped America’s tax system out, diminishing its ability to maintain our society. America’s legal system, social system, medical system, political system and the nation as a whole have experienced the same fate. A nation’s purpose is to provide a platform for its citizens to prosper, but America has done so little of this that a citizen willing to work hard is not guaranteed prosperity… Please contact for proposal or full manuscript. topimpanation@gmail.com