21 Days of White Male Supremacy

Note: I use the term “White Male Supremacy” instead of “White Supremacy” because the ideology is and has always been about white male rulership of the world. It has never sought to elevate and empower white women, which is why there is a Feminism and #metoo movement. This does not mean white women can’t practice White Supremacy or that they are not at all complicit. Rather, it means White Supremacy is an ideology primarily for and by white males solely for the preservation of white male power. The vast majority of Western Society’s ills can be traced back to White Male Supremacy.


As many of you know, I love discussing race with White Male Supremacists. I call them “My Pet Racists” because through our engagements, using a series of rewards and punishments, I establish a rapport, respectful dialogue and a relationship with them, so to speak. These relationships yield information usually concealed from people like myself. For instance, recently one told me a joke I hadn’t heard before:


A black man working in the same position at the same company as a white man says to him; “I’m equal to you. I make the same amount of money as you; I drive the same car, go to the same country club and live on the same street as you. Wait! In fact, I’m better than you! I don’t have a black neighbor.


While this joke is offensive, you have to admit it’s pretty well put together. Along with the secret jokes I became privy to the often-concealed details of their ideology and I can tell you that most their outlook survives on a bedrock of half-truths and old, debunked scientific racism. I can also tell you that there are plenty of willing contemporary academics within their ranks to maintain and further develop the body of knowledge that underpins White Male Supremacy. With a strong desire to


be genetically superior and prominent members of academia using their profession to bolster this notion, the White Male Supremacy mindset is as strong and compelling today as it has ever been. I recently created an account to interact with White Male Supremacists on the “American Renaissance” website. American Renaissance promotes “Race Realism,” which is a euphemism for White Male Supremacy. Its leader, Jared Taylor, is an extremely intelligent man but his ideology relies on selective perception, meaning if something contradicts his truth, he either ignores or attacks it and its sources. This causes his followers to rule out exploration of contradicting information. American Renaissance’s following consists primarily of unintuitive, unobjective and low self-esteem white males who need White Male Supremacy to prop up their own sense of self. Being they have less intellectual tools to refute information that contradicts their truth, debating them is comical yet insightful because it gives insight into what’s happening in the average White Male Supremacist’s mind.


Based on my engagement with them, their primary guiding truths are:


  1. White men created the first human civilization


  1. White genetics are superior and the standard of humanity. All others are inferior mutations to be gauged based deviations from whiteness.


  1. European culture is the most advanced humanity has ever attained. The term “advanced” seems to be based on the creation of devices to solve European problems.


  1. Europe’s harsh environment honed white men’s mental capacity, making them better thinkers and problem solvers than the rest of humanity.


  1. Jews puppet black people in fighting for black causes. They instigate and support liberal social movements to diminish white male rule. Also, Jews along with African tribal leaders thrust slavery upon white men, causing the Atlantic slave trade and American slavery.


Heated opposition yields the finest objectivity. I think it is important for Americans of varying mindsets to exchange ideas and subject differing truths to interrogation through debate. I believe many of White Male Supremacists’ ideas prevail in America because in the past American academia actually taught White Male Supremacy and thus far America has yet to reverse those teachings’ effects. Today’s academics seem to think they’re above this debate and their responses to these subjects are usually ineffective, academic and superficial pandering efforts to appease the status quo. In this blog post, I, a non-academic, will introduce counter arguments to these five reigning White Male Supremacy conventional wisdoms, which underlie the American Renaissance mentality.  


  1. White men created the first civilization:


I specifically remember learning in 7th grade history class that Greece was mankind’s first civilization. I even have a pneumonic device for remembering that Hippocrates was the “Father of Medicine.” By imagining a hippo cut up and stuffed into crates, I remembered his name well enough to pass my history tests. My history teacher never mentioned that Hippocrates himself paid tribute to the real Father of medicine, Imhotep (known to the Greeks as Asclepius), a black African man. Imhotep was the first human to extract medicine from plants, list the functions of the body’s organs and identify cancer. Hippocrates himself said he studied Imhotep’s teachings so exactly how could he be the Father of medicine if someone else fathered his knowledge? Excluding this fact from my lessons was a disservice to reality and a function of White Male Supremacy that exemplifies the way Western academia postures details to reduce black and elevate white. This insincere style of handling facts underpins White Male Supremacy and bolsters the American Renaissance’s followers’ mindset.

The “history” taught to my parents didn’t include Africa.

Educators speculated that India was the World’s first human civilization. “Anybody but black people.”















I own the high school history textbooks my father would have studied from. They mentions nothing of Africa and describe Egypt as if it weren’t part of the African continent. It even attempts to, on spec, boost India as the world’s oldest civilization because of a recent discovery in Punjab. This turned out to be untrue but this gesture shows academia’s tendency to push down black. These textbooks spend an inordinate amount of time on Europe despite this edition taking a new step towards including other, non-European cultures. People educated by these materials, even black people, will have no idea black people created civilizations and make it easy to think white men created the first civilization. This type of miseducation was and is still common in America and it makes American Renaissance followers’ minds fertile ground for White Male Supremacy theories.

Arguably, Egypt was the World’s first civilization and Mesopotamia, the second. I’ve heard compelling arguments that Mesopotamia was first and I wouldn’t be able to definitively prove that notion wrong. White men had nothing to do with either of these civilizations. Until the advent of Scientific Racism, scientists had no issue with Ancient Egyptians being black people. In fact, I have both copies of James Breasted’s “Ancient Times,” where the first edition describes the brown people along the Nile River as the descendants of the Ancients, and the second edition, influenced by the Rockefellers, omits references to their “brownness.” Academics eventually placed white men as builders of Egypt and Mesopotamia and has put more effort into disconnecting Sub-Saharan Africa from ancient Egypt than linking the two. With this distorting of facts being the core of Western ideas about Egypt subsequent knowledge deriving from it becomes distorted. Dr. Jared Diamond, a PHD, academic professor and author of the immensely popular book, “Guns Germs and Steel,” demonstrates this distortion when he said that Egyptian Hieroglyphics “appeared full blown” around 3200BC. Talk about willful ignorance! It is unscientific and a sign of poor academic principle to accept that a whole written communications system appeared out of nowhere. Sadly, racism works in the subconscious, guiding the mind to idiotic statements like Dr. Diamond’s. Subconscious racism is also why many are willing to accept the notion aliens built ancient Egypt instead of acknowledging that black people, the first humans, were the first to build a human civilization. Elon Mosk even recently Tweeted this foolish
statement. Imbuing the black inferiority mindset is why Hollywood still uses white actors to portray Egyptians today.  It’s also why Americans still defend it, saying it is good for international sales and that Asian markets are not interested in seeing black actors in these roles. This is White Male Supremacy in action and we as a society keep it alive today.


American Renaissance followers continuously circled back to the notion that white men introduced civilization to a continent full of animal-like people who lived in mud-huts, raped women, fought in incessant warfare and failed to innovate. I would counter that the many European explorers of pre-colonial Africa would beg to differ. From Mungo Park to Francis Moore to Heinrich Barth, European men exploring an African continent untouched by colonialism (yet for 1000 years affected by Islam) described states (It’s belittling to call the “tribes) with social systems far more advanced than America or any Western culture thus far. By advanced, I don’t mean the development of complicated devices to manage dysfunction, like overly worded laws, jails, police, militaries and barbaric penalties meant to instill fear of bodily harm as a deterrent to wrongdoings, rather I mean social models where the people are all on the same page. By “on the same page,” I mean social systems where leaders are organically chosen, people gravitate towards the same interests, they share more common bonds than opposition, think along the same track with matching nuance, and live in good faith with one another. The West has yet to achieve this. In fact, it has given up on attempting to create a cohesive social structure and only works on systems and devices to manage the dysfunction its social model creates. Calling Western culture better than pre-colonial Africans ones is like saying the Boeing 737 Max can fly better than a Bald Eagle; one can fly effortlessly and the other needs tons of stabilizing equipment to keep it in flight. The 737 Max has killed many people in its few years of existence but the Eagle has flown for thousands.


Western, or European culture was the last branch of humanity to enter the human realm we call “civilization.” Its best and latest social and economic innovations for dealing with mankind’s most pressing issue, politics, indicate how immature its vision is. The West thinks individualism, or, Capitalism, engenders collective happiness and that war creates peace. These are the most immature ideas ever, yet the US, the West’s biggest triumph thus far, keeps pushing the Capitalism and war agenda as if it’s going to yield anything other than what it always has, constant barbarity throughout the world and one portion of the population always living at the oppressed other’s expense.


So in summation, the West’s immaturity caused it to barbarically impose its way of life on the rest of the world even though the impetus for this behavior, Europe’s scarcity, was and still is no real issue. The supposed builders of the world’s first civilization should have enough experience to recognize and convey to those they rule, that there’s enough for everyone and that Mother Nature can effortlessly sustain humanity as well as Earth’s other inhabitants; even with a human population of eight-billion.


  1. White genetics are superior and the standard of humanity. All others are inferior mutations to be gauged based deviations from whiteness.


Humanity began in Africa, was black, and every other human group paints its phenotype through deduction from the black phenotype palette. In simple language, this means black people contain every genetic feature known to mankind and every other group had to subtract features to become their so-called “race.” Blue eyes are brown eyes minus pigment in the iris. White skin is black skin minus pigment. Europeans had to shed their melanin to absorb sunlight in the dark condition common to Europe. Since black people have the broadest range of genetic features, no other branch of humanity can introduce anything new into black genetics so I find it weird that white people have suddenly begun using terms like “half-white.” In 1910 America created the “One Drop Rule,” which made anyone who was more than 1/32 black, black, period. As recently as the 1980s, a Court in the US ruled that a person who is 1/32 black is in fact, black. America is stuck with this precedent and it can’t have back any of what it devalued and threw away just because we built it back better. Although technically struck down in the Supreme Court in the 1960s, American conventional wisdom lived by the One Drop Rule standard until Barack Obama occupied the World’s highest seat of power, then suddenly white people began claiming the white portion of black people they threw away decades before; Barack Obama went from being black to “half-white.” An exclusive white America suddenly became inclusive, claiming what whiteness Barack Obama had and thus, changed the long standing norm of “white” meaning absent any other branch of humanity’s genetics. While this may seem like old news, think of the 2020 census, which was the first to offer a category for “some other race.” Prior to this there were only five categories and before the year 2000, Americans could only pick one of those categories. The census trends show an overall loosening of restrictions on race. The new rules give black people an opportunity to escape their blackness and whites the ability to claim what whiteness exists in black people. Things are changing. American Renaissance followers believe one of two theories regarding genetics; 1. That they are in fact the parents of humanity or, 2, that polygenism, a long disproven belief that mankind has multiple origins. American Renaissance regularly publishes articles questioning the current scientific consensuses that mankind began in Africa. It also posts articles placing white faces on all of mankind’s non-white past accomplishments, like Egypt, Babylonia and the great civilizations of the Americas. American Renaissance followers clearly feel discontent with their place amongst humanity. I feel this same discontent lead them to invent the notion of race.


Eve gene

Many American Renaissance followers hold written words as humanity’s finest achievement. However, while useful, written words are simply tools, and the way we use those tools indicate a culture’s outlook. When I discuss black people being the parents of humanity, most American Renaissance followers automatically defer to the “Eve Gene” theory.  While this theory refers to the same concept, labeling it instead of discussing the facts surrounding the truth it represents is a tendency to draw reality into the intellectual realm in order to manipulate it. It’s easy label the “Eve Gene” as disproven. It’s hard to supplant the fact that scientists place the oldest human remains in Africa and nowhere else. American Renaissance followers would rather deal with the Eve Gene theory than truth because simple intellectual titles shield them from the inconvenient details within.


  1. European culture is the most advanced humanity has ever attained and the term “advanced” is based on a culture’s ability to solve European problems.


Academia conveniently leaves out its era of scientific racism. During this period, American institutions including Harvard and Columbia, continually innovated race science, all of which postured white culture as the most exceptional of humanity and mankind’s standard-bearing way of life. This multi-century effort began arguably in 1750s Germany at Göttingen University. White men continuously develop race theories even today.


The Monarchy:

Monarchal style and its formalities are all institutionalized reactions to conflict and methods of stabilizing dysfunction. For instance, royal titles, while seeming fancy, are really just ways of organizing power. Requiring members of society to address superior members by their titles is a way to constantly ensure the superiors that the inferior members are aware of and respect their position. This phenomenon could be seen in pre Civil Rights America, where black people were required to call white people, “Sir” and “Ma’am” and those white people could call them “Boy” and “Girl” regardless of age or age difference. Those same white people forcing those standards upon black people lived in houses with big gates and security just like the Royals of Europe live in highly guarded castles away from the threat of the regular citizens they oppress; these methods of organizing power are forced, unstable and wouldn’t last one second absent an artificial stabilizing system just like the Boeing 737Max.


Written Law:

What we consider a virtue in Western culture is really a sign that a society has accepted that it will never compel its members to agree in good faith. Much like the notion that mankind has and will always fight, laws demonstrates that Western society doesn’t feel it can produce a doctrine everyone agrees with and can organically acquiesce to. The written law the West touts as mankind’s biggest social achievement is really an emblem of incessant dysfunction. A proper society simply follows social rules that everyone not only understands, but also recognizes the purpose of and “gets.” In a proper society the nuance of each social rule is accepted and laws are so organic that they are in the soul of the citizens; what in Western society turns into a legal clauses, in many pre-colonial African societies was tacitly agreed upon nuance that went without mentioning. It is only when rules come under stress that external references or, written rules, become necessary. Further stress causes members of society to litigate the nuance for advantage and these external references become wordier and wordier. The end result is laws like “thou shall not kill” expanding into the tremendously wordy murder laws of today consisting of various degrees and many supporting laws like the “stand your ground doctrine,” which is really an exception to murder that society deems acceptable. In reaction to the George Floyd protests, Florida enacted a new law that permits some killing of protesters with a car. Early lawmakers had to invent the term “manslaughter,” to express another, unintentional, degree of killing. You would almost forget we are a species hard-wired for survival with all these intellectual devices stopping us from killing each other.


City Design

European men developed the castle to protect them from attack from other European men. The towns developed around them and when enemies attacked, the people from the town would gather behind the castle walls, raise the drawbridge, shoot through the walls’ slits and hurl large projectiles over at enemies. Incessant war drove the cultural norm of castles in Europe and the lack of such focus on defensive structures outside of Eurasia demonstrates not that other cultures were inferior, but rather they didn’t have enough hostility from their neighbors to cause them to focus on building tools to combat their barbarity.


Weapons and Torture

Weapons also demonstrate vastly different cultural drives between different human groups. Europeans developed vastly more powerful weapons than the rest of the world because war was such a factor in their everyday life, they constantly thought about how to be better at it. Africa never advanced past the bow and arrow, which demonstrates they didn’t spend their idle time developing methods of being better at barbarity. Here’s a fun fact; ALL torture devices and sophisticated torture methods (beyond the basic burning, drowning, stoning, beating, stabbing, etc.) were developed on the Eurasian continent (Europe and Asia). I constantly challenge White Male Supremacists to name a torture device or sophisticated method invented outside of Europe or Asia. Thus far no one can rise to the task.  Most equate sadism with the mindful and passionate development of torture then socialize the deeds by saying “everyone did it.” This method obscures the truth that only Europeans and Asians are unique in putting brainpower into making people feel agony.  Such devices include (click any name to learn more about it):


The Iron Maiden, 

the Pear of Anguish, 

Judas Cradle, 

the Spanish Donkey, 

The Rack, 

the Spanish Tickler, 

the Iron Chair, 

the Collar, 

the Tub

The Coffin, 


The Brazen Bull, 


Crocodile Shears, 

The Lead Sprinkler, 


Shrews Fiddle, 

Tongue Tearer, 

The Spider, 

Malay Boot, 

Pilliwinks (Thumbscrews),

The Heretics Fork, 

Ducking Stool, 

The Breaking Wheel, 

The scavengers Daughter 

and the water torture.

White Male Supremacists often invoke Native Americans’ scalping their enemies with European and Asian continuously developing the institution of torture. Nothing indicates these scalpings took place while their enemies were alive and if anyone finds this behavior exceptional, they should look to the Europeans, who traditionally severed their enemies’ heads to account for those they killed but converted to scalping after learning it from Native Americans. Europeans uninfluenced by the Americas deducted time from prisoners’ sentences for every Native Australians’ ear they brought back. No one has thus far named a torture method or device invented in Africa. As evil as torture seems, it’s really a method desperate people use to deter enemies. The thought of being baked to death in the Brazen Bull or having trapped rats escape their enclosure by burrowing through your abdomen would make any enemy soldier think twice. Europeans and Asians put a lot of thought and brainpower into making people feel agonizing pain. This is nonsensical to anyone not accustomed to scarcity culture. What human being could develop a torture product without realizing it’s wrong? Answer; those living in such cutthroat, desperate and adversarial conditions that they have to forgo empathy. American Renaissance followers think the lack of barbaric ability and failure to invent advanced weapons, torture devices and methods like them makes others “inferior” but in reality, other cultures’ lack of need to develop these devices and methods shows a degree of social advancement still unattained by any society white men have ever built.


  1. Europe’s harsh environment honed white men’s mental capacity, making them better thinkers and problem solvers.


IQ tests


The bedrock of Amren followers’ feeling mentally superior are Intelligence Query tests (IQ) tests. Their flagship book, The Bell Curve, spends a great deal of time on the subject in relation to race. I randomly took one and got an “Average” score. After watching a few youtube videos, I got an above average score. I must say that the IQ test is a completely random measurement that more indicates adaptation to Western culture than intelligence. Recognizing patterns from a variation of shapes, shades and dispositions shows more how one can work within a set framework; triangles, squares, circles, light and dark shades, inside and outside, left, right, up and down, are a limited set of factors. This skill would be great for someone who reads contracts and negotiates because recognizing nuance within the scope of business is what business is all about. However this is a Western fault, not some virtue. In other places before, before Western influence, people dealt in good faith and nuance wasn’t exploited after the fact. Each side ensured the other got what was intended. I found it so insulting during the #metoo movement how white men forwent nuance and sought hard parameters as indicators of sexual consent. Many felt that a kiss, exposing a body part, going to a guy’s house or even the lack of resistance, to be “consent” and entitled them to sex with another human. The whole debate involved hard parameters like squares, circles and triangles. These men really wanted laws that bound women to sexual consent and protected the men if they had sex with her against her will. The disconnect between men and women still persists and the #metoo debate was never resolved because of of this so-called “intelligent” approach to something that exists in the world of nuance and good faith. While there’s tons of overlap, white men rape at far higher rates than anyone else. When you take into account how the legal system works to criminalize darker men and absolve white men, it’s safe to say that the actual rates are even further apart. The difference may be because of the focus on IQ styled thinking instead of a good faith, nuance-respecting outlook.

Why do we rate intelligence based on how people match shapes and patterns on an IQ test anyway? All these high IQ people running the world definitely hasn’t brought humanity’s two components, man and woman, closer together. A more accurate test would be to simply look at how groups have navigated adversity. While Europeans conquered an unconscious world with its own agenda that at times just so happens to negatively affect humanity. For instance, Earthquakes and Hurricanes are Mother Nature simply doing what she does. She didn’t erect mountain ranges in opposition to mankind or strategically place fertile ground out of humanity’s reach. She simply did her thing and we humans found our way within her system. However, black people have advanced against a conscious adversary vested in our demise. White men purposely designated us as slaves in his latest and greatest project called America. They use laws to keep us enslaved both during and after slavery and still do today. For instance, we rose up in 1992 to protest police violence and America faulted black people for burning down our own neighborhoods. In 2020 we did it again and this time it wasn’t just black people and it wasn’t our neighborhoods. In fact, many gangs in the ‘hood protected local businesses while other places remained vulnerable and got looted.  In reaction states began using law to prohibit us from expressing our 1st Amendment right. In fact, Florida made it more permissible to murder protesters by running them over with a car. This is a conscious adversary vested in black people’s demise yet we continuously make gains. We overcame slavery and Jim Crow system and even managed to achieve the highest seat in the Western world, the Presidency. Remarkably, we achieved this without barbarity. No black person owns land or has equity in this nation took by force or swindle. While IQ tests function in abstract to give a picture of how one has mastered the Western ethos, overcoming real life adversity is the ultimate test of intelligence. Overcoming conscious adversity is the biggest test of all and black people are acing it.

Capitalism and War

As mentioned above, Europeans learned to solve their own problems in such a crude manner it reeked of desperation. For instance, the whole notion that a power stasis yields optimal satisfaction for humanity only comes from people who have amassed enough power to sustain superiority within that stasis; they don’t trust that equal opportunity conditions will yield them a fair share of what society produces. This outlook comes from a culture derived under conditions that didn’t produce enough or experience satisfaction, stability or human cohesiveness. Sadly, when Europeans left Europe they brought their hastiness and spread the culture of hoarding out of insecurity or, being “rich,” throughout the world. Much of mankind’s technological advancements in the last 500 years are not because of some mental superiority, rather because of hasty competition. For instance, White men used the airplane for barbarity long before they thought to transport people or mail with it. War, inordinate gain and protection underpin our new technologies. American Renaissance followers constantly tout innovations that took place while Europe oppressed the rest of the world as an indication that they are mentally superior; they fail to realize the world they were oppressing had long before solved the problems their crude systems staved off and the majority of non-Europeans energy at that point went into surviving Europeans’ wrath. You couldn’t possibly expect Africans to invent the airplane while colonial powers divided up and enslaved the whole continent. You can’t expect people whose labor easily produces sufficient food and goods to be driven to innovate and produce more than is needed; the impetus to produce a surplus to hoard and leverage simply isn’t there under ideal conditions. It is not mentally superior to hoard, rather it is haste. Every explorer of Africa and even Bartholomeau De Las Casas when he observered Native Americans said that they all had reserves for times of famine. None went beyond this because they had confidence in Mother Nature. Western Society doesn’t so they play Hungry Hungry Hippo with Earth’s resources, which always leaves someone with the short end of the stick.


None of these differences between Europeans and non-Europeans indicate better mental capacity, rather it shows the difference between people under pressure and those living with less desperation. Lack of humility from the dominant culture obscures this fact.


  1. Jews puppet black people in fighting for black causes. They also drive liberal social causes to diminish white male rule. Jews along with African tribal leaders thrust slavery upon white men, causing the Atlantic slave trade and American slavery.


Jews and black people work well together because of our shared history of oppression by white men. However, Jews have a history of working against us as well. They often exercise white power and privilege over us when they see fit. As a result black people have mixed feelings about Askenazi Jews, none of which are hatred but also none of which are unconditional love.


American Renaissance users are White Male Supremacists and if anyone understands White Male Supremacy beyond the title, they know White Male Supremacists hate Jews more than blacks. Why? In a nutshell, to them, Ashkenazi Jews are white people who suffer the possibility of having black blood. Feeling Aryan, Nordic and Teutonic genetics yield the optimal human being, they feel Ashkenazi Jews (the white ones) have enough white intelligence to outsmart pure blooded whites yet lack the physical attributes and mental integrity to be tough for heroic battle. However, Christianity teaches that Jews are supposed to rebuild Israel, die off (although the theory has recently changed to them accepting Jesus) and leave it to white people when Jesus comes. This leaves White Male Supremacists in a state of cautious, yet hateful tolerance of Ashkenazi Jews. If white hatred towards Jews seems like an obscure viewpoint, look no further than the 2020 CPAC convention, which designed its stage in the exact shape of the Odal Rune, a well known Nazi symbol. Even worse, Conservatives felt bold enough to do this and society didn’t come together to rebuke this obvious signal to White Male Supremacists that the Republican Party is the party for them.



American Renaissance followers tend to scapegoat Jews for slavery. In their minds Jews were completely responsible for American slavery and the small percentage of Americans who did own slaves were actually Jews and not non-Jewish, white Americans. While this may seem ridiculous, it’s impossible to do a religious assessment from the 18th and 19th century, but I can tell you Christianity reigned supreme in early America. The book, “How to Make a Negro a Christian” documents efforts to instill the Christian religion in American black slaves and the missionaries doing the spreading didn’t mention Jews at all; much less resisting the dominant religion of antebellum America.


Jews were fundamental in the Atlantic Slave Trade though. They financed many of the ships that kidnapped black Americans’ forefathers from the homeland. This does not make them the impetus of the Atlantic Slave Trade as American Renaissance followers would have you believe, but it doesn’t absolve them of guilt either. Since we black people consider Ashkenazi Jews white anyway, and since both Jews and non-Jewish whites were fundamental in the Atlantic Slave Trade, we consider everyone responsible. Elevation from this status comes with deeds so when Ashkenazi Jews use white power as a tool to control us instead of working with us to resolve problems, we think of the people responsible as those who would have financed a slave ship. For instance, when Nick Cannon, had ex-Public Enemy rapper, Professor Griff, on his show, and participated in Anti-Semitic comments, rather than meet with Cannon to correct his behavior, they fired him from the show he created then tried to replace him with another black man. This is the move of a superior over an inferior, not one of allies working together. Jewish people used power to forcefully send a message to black people about what thoughts they can have and express.


Needless to say, American Renaissance followers first complained because networks didn’t cancel Nick Cannon; they called him “privileged.” They were quiet when networks finally did but complained when his apology got him his job back. They seemed to be more concerned with blacks having the “privilege” of being able to speak negatively against Jews without much consequence.


American Renaissance followers think blacks are too dumb to advance ourselves against American opposition. They attribute our actions to Jewish organizers. George Soros is their main culprit; as recently as September, they charge him with funding last summer’s protesters’ legal defences. Apparently to them, we black people wouldn’t aspire for full American citizenship if Jews didn’t think of it for us. There are countless articles on American Renaissance about George Soros funding efforts to advance blackness over white people. His name serves as a baked cake to serve people who hunger for an understanding of black plight but refuse consume the truth. Instead, the name George Soros serves as a catch phrase like “Conservative values or “American Values” that coral a broad range of ideas into a satisfying, curiosity-pacifying term.


American Renaissance is one of the many White Male Supremacy information portals that keep the ideology alive today. It pimps its followers’ minds, capitalizing on the discontent caused by a rapidly advancing minority population. It tells them that racist information created when darker people couldn’t effectively object is right and that deviations from this doctrine are conspiracies to use white sympathy to elevate black people over white to cause a race war. The 21 days I spent quarreling with American Renaissance followers showed me that the White Male Supremacy doctrine is widespread, far-reaching and consistent. The members consistently replied to my criticisms in the same way and adamantly rejected new information. The debates on torture devices showed me how “what they knew” was far more powerful than well-substantiated opposing information; I challenged them to name a device or method, they looked, didn’t find any, yet held strong to their belief that others innovated torture devices or methods. When I explained that it wasn’t because Eurasians were evil and that there was a comforting rationale I would explain to them only if they admit I was right, they opted to live in their unsubstantiated truth. Western values teach that superficiality trumps reality; if they can posture details to their liking, no truth can supplant their preferred reality. This is very consistent in America; slapping favorable labels on the unfavorable will be our downfall if we don’t sober up and face truth. As long as American Renaissance continues to coddle White Male Supremacists sensitivities America will have a powerful, low-self-esteem, army of vicious men prepared to establish their validity through violence.

Eventually one of American Renaissance’s moderators discovered me, banned me from posting and deleted all my replies. It now looks like the people I debated had good uncontested points. American Renaissance protects its followers from information it doesn’t agree with, using deliberate ignorance to instill contrived viewpoints. The organization must really think highly of its followers’ intelligence and its viewpoints if it’s shielding their eyes from information it doesn’t agree with. I wrote the moderator but they never wrote me back. White Male Supremacy is on a slow decline because of people like myself, who take it on through factual and substantive discussion with actual White Male Supremacists. Everyone who unsuccessfully looked for African or Native American-invented torture devices now has embedded in their subconscious, the truth that Europeans have some uniquely exceptional behavior we need to explore. It’s not racist to explore these differences, in fact it’s a disservice to humanity to confine its perception of human behavior to only one unique group.  

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