Take it from an Ex-Pimp; Donald Trump is a Pimp

Last week Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Kayleigh Mcenany brought small business owner Joe Shamess to the Presidential podium to discuss his company, Flags of Valor and how the CARES ACT has helped him and his enterprise endure the COVID19/Trump Recession. This is a political tactic and it is nothing short of genius. But this genius should … [Read more…]

Has Donald Trump Made China the New World Leader?

America’s economic shutdown is unprecedented and the media has yet to explore why we abandoned our principles of strength and prosperity to deal with COVID19 in such an unprecedented and economically catastrophic way. I feel our cumbersome response is a sign that America’s is losing its status as Leader of the Free World. America’s world … [Read more…]

Deal with the Devil

A week ago scientists said that 100,000 to 240,000 Americans could die from COVID19. Coincidentally that week, Donald Trump, in an unusual change in behavior, acquiesced a bit towards their authority. This shift in dynamics struck me as odd and made me think that they made a deal.  Prior to this March 31stpress conference, President … [Read more…]


This week, both Democrats and Republicans plotted and executed a plan to further enslave the American people. With Democrats pretending to be “for the people” and Republicans blatantly working on behalf of banks and corporations, We the People, the only part of the American population that perform its duty properly, got royally screwed. This week … [Read more…]

White Male Privilege vs Democracy

Being that our forefathers created Democracy solely for the benefit of white males, it’s a miracle that other groups made gains within this near extinct political system. When America’s founders created our founding documents, in their minds it was an axiomatic reality that white males were put on Earth to rule everyone else, including white … [Read more…]

What Black People can Teach America About the Impeachment.

Warning: I will speak in broad generalizations so don’t bother reading any further if words like “black people” raise your defenses and bring your comprehension to a halt. Of course everyone is different and you can always find exceptions to any general rule. That shouldn’t however, diminish our capacity to observe general trends and understand … [Read more…]