Joe Biden’s legacy (My Dream Scenario)

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s contemplation of running for President arouses a fantasy of mine that, if done, would take his legacy to heights unheard of. “Uncle Joe” has secured his legacy with black people by faithfully supporting our biggest Western triumph, a successful Black Presidency. Our incredulity towards white males’ good intentions is universal so his faithful service to Barack Obama for eight turbulent years against a Republican party with a top goal of making him a one-term President has earned him our trust. Donald Trump’s took the prestige away from the Presidential office. I remember news commentators, scared to use the word “lie” and “President” in the same sentence, tip-toing around subject matter. Today they call the Leader of the Free World a liar without even thinking. While a great accomplishment, becoming the Leader of the Free World just isn’t as sweet anymore since Donald Trump touched it. For Joe Biden, becoming President would just put another picture on the White House wall and make him another name in the long list of referees officiating the Israel/Palestine, Gun Debate, reproductive rights, healthcare and a host of other issues that never get resolved. UNLESS he did something more dramatic.


My fantasy is not only possible, it isn’t too far from Uncle Joe’s character; in other words, if he did this, I wouldn’t be surprised. In my dream scenario, Uncle Joe announces he’s running for President. He uses his raw style and wit to match Donald Trump’s crass debating technique while dominating him on facts and rebutting the erroneous claims that Hillary Clinton’s poise wouldn’t permit her to. I could even see him during the debates, unlike Clinton, telling a lurking Donald Trump, “BACK OFF, JACK BEFORE I…” Uncle Joe’s style would easily capture Middle America’s white working class votes. He then picks Kamala Harris or Stacy Abrams as his Vice President. I’d prefer Stacy Abrams because of her Christian image would enable her to call out Mike Pence’s complicity in Donald Trump’s unchristian behavior. The Biden/Abrams ticket wins and shortly after Uncle Joe, having secured his story in America’s history books, takes his legacy to an unprecedented level by doing the unthinkable. He resigns. From the Oval Office, he says, “Effective immediately, I do hereby resign as the Presidency of the United States. There’s your woman President, America.” He then stands up, says, “Uncle Joe, OUT,” drops the microphone and retires from politics. The scandal would be great but there would be nothing illegal about it. The next time Uncle Joe is seen, he and Barack Obama are toasting Piña Coladas on an island laughing about their scheme.

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