Our Democracy is a Sh*t Show


The Presidential election was a shit show. Although my candidate ended up victorious, the elections were a big letdown. Voting day for me usually begins with a big breakfast followed by a trip down the street to the polls, my day’s errands, coffee and finally me sitting on the couch at home flipping from Fox News to MSNBC to CNN trying to discern what the truth may be. The night ends with the stations projecting a winner and me calling my friends and family to recap.

The election under President Trump was completely different. I voted early for fear of my vote being suppressed. I had a normal breakfast because November 3rd this year didn’t differ from any other day. I didn’t leave my ballot by the door before going to bed early so I would have a fresh mind at the polls like any other election year. I didn’t spend the previous night going over my State and Local choices for various measures. In other words, the day felt normal. As I ran my errands on election day 2020 the boarded up Hollywood streets constantly reminded me of how unusual these times are. To think all these normally bustling businesses were boarding up and hunkering down FOR A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Yes, Donald Trump changed America into a country that has to protect itself from the discontent caused by its own Democracy. This has never happened before and it’s a huge change for the worst.


When I finally settled down to watch the election results the different stations were doing more posturing than relaying constructive information. Fox News made it seem the President was running off with the win while Steve Kornacki at MSNBC kept discussing various states’ counties’ percentages, which made it look favorable to Joe Biden even though Trump was kicking his butt. The news stations were all being patronizingly disingenuous. Each station would interrupt the programming, blasting their announcement alert jingle only to say races were “too close to call.” I usually flip channels all night because each station usually has the most intelligent guests with the whole gamut of views, each having the most constructive reasoning for their logic. Instead, everyone on election night seemed to be poising themselves to persuade the audience that their candidate won. I eventually cut the election coverage off and played video games. If news stations are going to stir up my emotions, it had better yield results. Instead, I went to bed with my democracy seeming inadequate and indecisive at determining who’s going to lead my country.

In the succeeding days as the results became clearer, even more disappointment set in. It showed a tight race where around 47% of voters supported this President. At that point I actually wanted him to win. After totally screwing up COVID19, failing on so many promises like a healthcare plan and showing his taxes; after practicing racism from the highest office and not respecting minorities enough to do a good job covering it up, 47% of Americans are at minimum tolerant of Donald Trump’s performance. I was naively hoping for a clear and decisive American rejection of Trump’s incompetent racist charlatanism but instead America showed itself only to be slightly disinterested in that kind of leadership. I truly felt the sum total of the America’s character, a diverse coalition of 75%-85%, would would put aside Trump’s white-maleness, put a racist-leaning minority opinion in check and decide that we all don’t want what he has to offer. BOY WAS I WRONG. I had too much faith in the American character much like I did in 2016. Point taken. 

Since America didn’t reject Trump decisively, I would have rather he oversaw this upcoming financial collapse and economic depression. It began over a year ago and will be far worse than 2008. Once the Fed runs out of tools (which it may already have), Trump should be squarely to blame. Instead, based on my countless discussions with Republicans, I can tell you they’re going to see it as an incompetent administration which stole an election screwing up the supposedly great economy Donald Trump created. How much more degraded green paper can we throw at problems before other nations abandon the dollar for something stronger? For this to happen on Joe Biden’s watch would mean one Democratic term followed by another Republican who will blame the continued Trump-caused failure on Joe Biden. It’s a license to fail again and even worse. Republicans are playing the long game and they’re doing a hell of a job.

On a positive note, I’m thoroughly enjoying seeing Trump and his party’s reaction to his loss. It seems they’re willing to scrap America as a whole to win. Either they don’t understand our forefathers’ continued mission or they only value America so long as it guarantees them a major advantage over others. Trump made a catastrophically shortsighted move by trashing mail-in voting. Who would have known Joe Biden would supplant Trump’s slight lead through the mail-in system. It was comical seeing his party’s already thin principles get pulled in all directions. They wanted to stop counting ballots in areas where Trump was winning and to continue counting ballots in places where he wasn’t. Now that Joe Biden has been projected the winner, they’re claiming voter fraud and asking for recounts. Their reasoning is more to stir up discontent than change the results. Trump doesn’t want to accept that he lost so in true privileged fashion, he simply declared himself the winner because the other side cheated. But this knee-jerk reaction immediately brings up another. If the Democrats stole the Presidency, why didn’t they steal the Senate? And how did they lose seats in the house? Republicans might not care to answer these questions but anyone accountable to reality would immediately see how illogical Trump’s assertions are.

Overturning election results would immediately place America’s political system on par with 3rdworld nations. Citizens of less fortunate countries know their votes don’t count and that politicians pull the strings to override their will. Trump’s claiming that America’s election system cheated or that Democrats overpowered it is essentially saying the system our forefathers built is weak. All this to protect his fragile ego. Is Donald Trump’s sense of security and tacit white supremacist Americans’ adamancy about having him lead worth sacrificing American confidence in our electoral system? It’s the only thing holding our democracy together, you know…