The Black Social Deficit

I have figured it out! I have pinpointed exactly what racial element causes American citizens’ disconnect. America’s racial problem is caused by what I am terming, the “Black Social Deficit” (BSD). The BSD is the automatic lack of credibility and unconscious notion of criminal and violent tendencies factored into the identity of black people. Conversely, “White Social Benefit” (WSB) serves to bolster the high social regard society holds for white people. This may seem ridiculous, but I will demonstrate how these two elements are the puzzle pieces missing when racial events just don’t add up. Racial problems are the prime driver of America’s inability to unify and cooperate as a single unit and these two pernicious elements cause the divide.


Different Pages

Black and white people (generally speaking, of course) have been on completely different pages on many well known violent and deadly racial incidents. Blacks see racist implications in these events and white people don’t; many whites feel black people are injecting race into the situation, thereby using white guilt to gain an advantage in the debate. Society clearly isn’t in agreement as to what racism is, and the majority class (white people) usually gets its way. Black people tend to view white people’s unwillingness to explore the racial implications of incidents as them being tacit racism sympathists; it appears they’re providing cover for the practice of racism. This could be considered true. Here we have two groups of Americans with opposing claims yet only one side has the burden of proof, the black side. This norm can be considered an advantage in society. White people are only considered racist only if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Absent the use of the “N” word or the offender’s name on the local Ku Klux Klan roster, society is hard wired deflect racist allegations from white offenders. If this sounds like an exaggeration, we need to look no further than the Supreme Court’s McCleskey v Kemp decision, which permits police to practice racism as long as they don’t explicitly say anything racist as they do. This is the “White Social Benefit” at work and it causes society to presume white people (generally speaking, of course) are innocent and peaceful. WSB is hard wired into America’s mentality and most Americans, including black people unconsciously practice it. For instance, right now there is a controversy about a Colorado Rockies Baseball team fan yelling “n*gger” at black Center Fielder, Lewis Brinson. I’m willing to bet this was a white male fan because the team itself conducted an investigation over heckling. Why would they go through such measures over a heckler? Because that heckler was a white man being accused of racism and America is hard-wired to give white men the benefit of doubt and deflect racist allegations. Although I hear the “N” word as many others who were there heard the “N” word, white male reputation preservation takes priority so the team concluded he was yelling “Dinger,” the mascots name. This may well be true but I can tell you that if white men want to defy an insurmountable white male social restriction and call a black baseball player the “N” word out loud and in public, they can do it with impunity at Colorado Rockies’ games and be assured WSB will protect their racism. BSD is WSB’s counterpart and it works in America’s mental undercurrent, guiding Americans’ minds to subconsciously accept the premise that black people lack credibility, are criminal and are violent. The result of these social plugins is advantage for white people at the expense of blacks


Before I continue, it must be noted that the WSB has been showing weakness lately and it is causing white men to sacrifice white women to the cause. The “Karen” phenomenon currently sweeping America shows that, since the question, “does racism still exists,” has been answered with a resounding “yes,” America’s wondering what white women are responsible for it. They are leaving white men out of the assessment, which is why America is socially persecuting “Karens” and not “Kierans.”


WSB to the Rescue

Governor Ralph Northam is a great example of WSB at work. After it came out that in the past he wore blackface, media had to explore why he wore it, what the event was, what he meant by it, when it was and how today’s standards of racism apply to earlier times. In other words, something society considers so obviously racist still required thorough examination before being allowed to affect this white man. Conversely, think of how the BSD affected a black Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, who said she would only interview with journalists of color. The media instantly called her a racist. No one sought clarity on what she meant or her motives behind the shocking statement. Media didn’t litigate nuance, rather it automatically deemed her guilty of racism, case closed. Tulsi Gabbard even called for her resignation. This swift and definitive reaction to a black politician versus the careful consideration society gives to a white one demonstrates the contrast between BSD and WSB.


Here’s another example. Recently the media have chosen to focus on violence against Asian people. The campaign kicked off with a 21 year old white man named Robert Aaron Long murdering six Asian women, a white woman and a white man. He claimed he had a sex addiction and frequented massage parlors for sexual favors; an activity associated with Asian women. Soon after followed countless reports of black people assaulting Asians. The one that immediately comes to mind was when a homeless black man mercilessly beat an older Asian woman as two security guards watched without helping. The point is this: Media ignore the murders and focused on the assaults. Apparently the press considers assaults more newsworthy than multiple murders. While they did briefly cover the massage parlor murders, media didn’t continuously pick apart the subject but rather rationalized these brutal slayings by informing the public that he had a sex addiction and his parents recently kicked him out of the house. Conversely, they did commit plenty of resources to covering “Black on Asian violence,” doing plenty of specials to make sure America understood their fabricated new phenomenon. This prioritization seems nonsensical on its own. But when you factor in BSD and WSB it makes perfect sense; the BSD elevated the wrongfulness of blacks assaulting Asian people and WSB decreased the wrongfulness of whites murdering them. The end result is America behaving as if the black assaults on Asian people were worse than murdering them.


More Examples

Factoring in BSD and WSB makes sense of many recent events we allow to remain unexplained, like why George Zimmerman saw a kid walking home eating Skittles as someone committing a crime? Why did police see Breonna Taylor’s home as a drug house when they were watching and investigating that same exact house? Why did officers Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet see Stephon Clark as pointing a gun at them, when there was no gun present? Additionally, why did the helicopter see him break a window with a “toolbar” yet authorities didn’t find a toolbar at the scene? These inexplicable declarations should land these authority figures in a mental asylum, but they make perfect sense when we factor in BSD and WSB. Trayvon Martin was simply a kid walking home yet George Zimmerman without warrant saw him as a criminal. Although not white exactly, his deed was typical of white vigilantism and law enforcement treated it as such. An armed Zimmerman defied instruction from the 911 operator, followed and confronted Trayvon Martin and killed him. This should be wrong BUT if you factor in the unspoken American truth that black people are inherently criminal, you get the same result as if Trayvon Martin was actually committing a crime, America found no fault with it. Zimmerman gets no blame for his imagination creating a deadly situation to begin with because the BSD causes society to see Trayvon Martin as someone who was committing a crime, no actual crime necessary. Many white men still call Trayvon Martin a “thug” and to rationalize calling someone with no criminal record or history of violence such a name, they make reference to a picture he took; when an underlying truth guides ones thoughts, they will grasp for any details to support it.


Breonna Taylor was an honest, hard working American woman who dated a drug dealer in the past. She split with him and got an honest man. Police investigated her home and despite the criminal element they were investigating not being there, they still saw it, or rather, they imagined it. They saw perfectly legal mail as drug mail. They even asked the Postal Inspector to scrutinize her address for suspicious packages and when they concluded there was nothing suspicious, investigators still saw a drug operation. The BSD inherent in America’s DNA caused trained objective observers to see something that didn’t exist. WSB caused Judge Mary Shaw to believe what these investigators presented and the BSD that comes with the suspect’s skin color made this duly appointed judge authorize a warrant within 12 minutes. These professionals’ imaginations killed an innocent, hard working American and the scope of the disillusionment, from officers to investigators to police captains to judges, shows that this is a widespread mindset, not a few “bad apples.”


Stephon Clark could have been the person breaking car windows, as the caller reported. But nothing indicates he committed these crimes other than the police helicopter spotting him first and guiding ground police units to him. Mr. Clark running indicates nothing more than a man in fear of his life trying to get home. The helicopter stated he broke a window with a tool bar but nothing indicates that this alleged tool bar was recovered. Typically pictures of these objects end up on the Internet but since police only carry guns and knives to plant on people they murder, they likely didn’t have an extra toolbar to log as evidence in their report. The BSD added the imaginary “toolbar” into the scenario. This fantasy object morphed into a gun as officers approached and by the time officers made contact with a man running for his life, they interpreted this reality as violent criminality. One officer imagined a gun and yelled “Gun, Gun, Gun!” WSB caused the other officer to see this imaginary gun too and both saw him as an armed, violent aggressor and executed him; America’s mental BSD and WSB undercurrent supplanted reality and the result was the universal white supremacy goal of eliminating dark people and promoting white ones.


George Floyd is another occurrence where BSD factors in. It also opens up another device America uses to shield itself from awareness of its tendency to brutalize and murder black people, the criminal record. George Floyd had a criminal record and despite the egregiousness of Derek Chauvin’s actions, many white people immediately leaned on his criminal past to justify his execution. This was a function of the Black Social Deficit. Had he been a white man (within reason, of course) killed in the same fashion America would have seen it as murder. BSD is also why America at large assumes that George Floyd knew he was spending a counterfeit bill.  I mean, it was made to look like the real thing, right? America, without contemplation, took it as a given that George Floyd knew the $20 bill that lead to his execution was counterfeit and never questioned his intent. This is a function of the BSD.


Intent is Baked into the Cake

America doesn’t even question will and intent when it comes to black men who possess guns. Do you find it peculiar that the public approves of killing black men if they’re simply in possession of a gun? This is because intent and will are already baked into the American psyche. Otherwise America would have a lot more question when cops killed black men who have guns. No one questions if they actually tried to pull it, Did they point it? Was it loaded? The intent and will are baked into the cake so America at large accepts the executing of black men if police can produce a gun at the scene. They are essentially getting the death penalty for weapon possession.


BSD’s Effects on Me

The Black Social Deficit is the common denominator in nearly all nonsensical incidents between police and black men. It also explains a lot about my life. I don’t steal yet I’ve been stopped by store security so many times in my life that when a store doesn’t have what I want I often feel pressured to buy something anyway in order to avoid being stopped by security on the way out. While I don’t always make these useless purchases, my being aware of BSD causes a subconscious anxiety and governs my behavior. I always hold my hands and keep them out of my pockets. If I’m unsure about what I’m purchasing, I begin to interpret my every move in the context of what the cameras are seeing. Shopping for a sweet tooth or not being 100% sure of what I want to purchase is torturous because I figure the BSD combined with my random movement throughout the store and uninterpretable intent is raising eyebrows in the security room and may lead to yet another humiliating confrontation where I am reminded that no matter what I’m doing, I appear to be a criminal. When I walk into stores, I usually walk past the check out counter in full view of employees, to demonstrate that I’m not trying to sneak in unnoticed. Often when I leave stores without a purchase I stop and linger for a few seconds outside the door to indicate I’m not trying to get away; I’ve been chased down aggressively by security after getting far into a parking lot and accused of stealing before; it is extremely stressful. While this may all seem like it’s in my imagination, it’s not. Within the last six months I’ve been restrained by security at a grocery store and accused of stealing. It seems I got a little too confident and forgot I was black.


Consider all the black people who, with no underlying crime, get arrested for resisting arrest. This should be nonsensical to the nation but courts sustain these types of charges and the public at large has yet to oppose this abuse of authority. Why? Because the BSD underlying America’s mentality means the crime has already been committed. Think about all the police incidents where police force innocent black people to produce identification. They ask “why” and the officer immediately escalates the matter, leading to an arrest. Legally, the police can only compel private citizens to disclose their identity if they are suspected of or involved in a crime. However police do this all the time to black people, which means being black itself is the crime; law enforcement proceeds forward based on a crime having already occurred, right?

One more note: Black people fighting for rights to video police and to put bodycams on them is a direct reaction and way to compensate for the BSD. Law enforcement combatting citizens’ attempts to record them and police’s various methods of sabotaging bodycam recordings (covering cameras, throwing them off, muting them or “forgetting” to turn them on) show an inclination to Bolster WSB; they don’t want a central reference to their conduct and would rather allow WSB and BSD bolster their interpretation; black people want to create evidence of what actually occurs. 


Society is Rigged

BSD and WSB are the elements that rig America’s social culture in favor of white men. Everyone, including me, a person heavily vested in supplanting this ill status quo, elevates white and diminishes black. The first step in eliminating a problem is identifying it and, if convenient, assigning it an easily recognizable acronym or title; this is the purpose of this blog post. America demonstrates its will by the two opposite ways it reacts to two phenomena, racism and Critical Race Theory. America doesn’t give racism a three-letter acronym or catchy title because it doesn’t truly want to recognize and eliminate it. However, Critical Race Theory does, because it works to disrupt racism and the country doesn’t really want that. America may not recognize it’s fighting to keep its original form, one where white benefits from black with no reciprocation.  The next time an inexplicable racial event occurs, insert BSD and WSB into the narrative and see how it suddenly becomes clear. Being black is a crime and since America is free to brutalize and even kill criminals, the current status quo permits state brutalization and killing of black people. The Black Social Deficit and White Social Benefit obscure our ability to see this.