Two Donald Trump Cheats that will Close the Polling Gap

Nearly four years of the Trump administration shows without a doubt that white men have an imperious power majority over America. The struggle between the Constitution as written and the Constitution as practiced shows that America’s founding document is merely a fancy piece of paper with principles held together mainly by the majority class’s feelings of security. Donald Trump’s overt criminality reveals that one of the forefathers snuck a bag of asterisks into the Constitutional Convention.

The Federal Reserve is the only thing pumping up the Stock Market

I do a meme every Friday called #obamaswasbigger, which compares President Obama’s Dow Jones growth with Donald Trump’s. Since I began this series Trump has yet to surpass Obama at the same point in his presidency. All of Trump’s hype about growth is just that, HYPE. Full disclosure: I root for Obama every week and in November of 2019 Trump got really close to surpassing him. Looking through Obama’s market closing figures revealed something to me: In Obama’s 2012 election year the market remained suppressed between 12101 and 13610 and only grew by 707 points despite Obama’s positive GDP and shrinking unemployment. On the other hand, with -33% GDP, the highest on record, and 10% unemployment, the Stock market is showing strong growth under Trump. A growing Stock Market with less money coming in and less people working means, as I’ve been saying for years, the Fed is pumping up the Stock Market using printed money. So my prediction is that the stock market will exceed 30,000. The suppression of Obama’s market shows that “market force” is not organic and its malleability means big money can make the Stock Market do as it pleases. A 30k market will surely give Trump supporters a reason to show up to the polls despite their personal situation being the complete opposite. Remember avenging America’s highest office from the black man who besmirched it is the real reason Donald Trump is president. But mark my words; the resulting crash of this purely emotional decision making will be worse than the Great Depression.

Bill Barr will frivolously indict someone on the Left

My second prediction Bill Barr’s Justice Department will indict someone on the left. A listen to Sean Hannity’s radio show will show that conservatives avoid Trump’s countless screw-ups by deflecting to a laundry list of supposed Democratic “criminality.” Despite crying foul for nearly four years about Hillary’s email server, Uranium One, the Steele Dossier, Spygate, the Russia Hoax, Hunter Biden’s job at Bursima Holdings in Ukraine, Benghazi and so on, Barr’s Justice Department has yet to charge anyone. Despite Bill Barr’s willingness to do anything for Trump, there have been ZERO indictments. Just like police in the hood, who, when black people bruise their egos, strike back with damaging baseless accusations that put the black people in the back of police cars or in a jail cells for 24 hours, Bill Barr will fill America’s minds with instant incredulity by futilely indicting a Left Wing figure thereby locking many Joe Biden votes up until after November 3rd. Trump supporters wont care if the accusations have any validity, they just want a gesture to validate the criminality they axiomatically attach to the Democratic title. Hell; if Trump’s words were enough to supplement for the Mexico-paid border wall he promised, a baseless indictment would be more than enough for MAGAS. If any of Sean Hannity’s laundry list of Democratic criminal misdeeds were real, negative twitter posts from any of the offenders would have prompted Trump would have them indicted long ago; we all know he has the thinnest skin in politics. None of these matters have strong cases. Just like James Comey’s 11thhour announcement that took the wind out of the Hillary Clinton Campaign sail, Barr’s Justice Department will employ the same technique; it worked last time didn’t it?