Welcome to Being a Black Man, Donald Trump. (Devin Nunes Memo)

Conservatives embracing the Devin Nunes memo makes a double standard apparent to me about the way conservative America views crime and suspicion. The GOP memo, which reveals that the infamous dossier compiled by Christopher Steele had flaws that, if known, may have lead to the denial of the FISA warrant used to spy on Carter Page. Regardless of the memo’s claims, I’m seeing a double standard. Conservatives seem to care about an accusation’s accuracy when it’s them but don’t tend to care when it’s a black man or protester being arrested by police. If the Steele dossier’s inaccuracies invalidate the connections between the Trump campaign and Russian officials found by FBI as a result, the GOP should be on the front line of the battle against cops that, with no underlying crime, arrest people for resisting arrests. Conservatives seem satisfied with police arresting Freddie Gray for a pocketknife found after they chased him without reason. Surely that reason invalidated the resulting find that conservatives cite to legitimize Freddie Gray’s murder. In fact, conservatives, using the principles set forth in the GOP memo, should lead the battle against racial profiling which begins with no specific suspicion but become valid once the stop turns up a bag of weed. Police thinking blacks are prone to criminality is directly comparable to the FBI thinking Trumps are prone to Russian Collusion. So why all the fuss?