What Black People can Teach America About the Impeachment.

Warning: I will speak in broad generalizations so don’t bother reading any further if words like “black people” raise your defenses and bring your comprehension to a halt. Of course everyone is different and you can always find exceptions to any general rule. That shouldn’t however, diminish our capacity to observe general trends and understand behavior amongst American subcultures. Plus, by now, America should be beyond this and our inability to discuss topics like race is the reason Russia is currently using race to make inroads to destroying our nation.


America is in a pickle. We are being attacked by a foreign nation and just as our enemy’s unconventional methods caught us off guard on 9/11, we don’t recognize today’s ongoing unconventional attack. In the 90s we secured our nation from conventional explosives so Al Qaeda used friendly-looking ready-made bombs in the form of Airliners to bring down our Nation’s financial capital. This led to the biggest financial drain and moral killer in American history. 

I feel America is under a new unconventional attack right now. While we’ve done a fairly decent job securing our borders from Russian soldiers and operatives entering and sowing discourse, Vladimir Putin has achieved the same end by using ready-made discourse-sowers in the form of discontented white American males. These deputized Russian operatives are now disregarding the Constitution and rule of law to keep their Commander, Donald Trump, in place.

Russia has used race to coopt witting and unwitting Republican politicians, conservative talk show hosts, right-wing news stations and nearly the whole of the right wing media to degrade the Constitution’s integrity and upset the balance of power between the branches of government. It doesn’t take an ounce of collusion to do this either; the threat of white males losing their dominant status is enough to make them rip up the Constitution and lose focus of the civility that made this country the West’s beacon of idealism.

Contrary to popular belief, the word “civil” doesn’t not mean non-violent, rather it means the establishment of organized, written protocol for dealing with situations that often lead to violence. The ferocious conditions of early Europe caused the inhabitants to seek alternative and less destructive means of dealing with common issues. When the English established a foothold in the Americas, they decided to use all the lessons learned in Europe to create the ultimate civil document, the Constitution of the United States of America. Thus far, it has worked pretty well, but no one realizes that white males’ dominance of resources and human labor underpins Americans’ adherence to it.

As much as we think the Constitution has power, it doesn’t. Rather the citizens adhering to it gives it the ability to control behavior. As long as the dominant class is in control, the farce of it having power continues. We minorities operate under the impression that the Constitution keeps us in agreement with the dominant class about the limitations of their rule. However, the dominant class only adheres to the Constitution because it sustains their control and power; it has never done anything different. Even though they, by far, still dominate America’s politics, Barack Obama’s Presidency was a huge blow to their self-esteem and an indicator that minorities are gaining sway. The dominant class’ insecurity about their waning status led to Donald Trump’s victory and him failing would mean their efforts to reclaim lost ground may be a huge failure.

Now they are throwing cargo over the side of the ship to keep it afloat and Vladimir Putin is on the deck telling them which boxes to throw overboard. It began before Donald Trump with the Merrick Garland Supreme Court nomination. Although Article 2 Section 2 of the Constitution says the President can fill Supreme Court vacancies, doing so would have meant an ideological shift away from white males’ interests; it would have been an extreme loss of power for them. So, Mitch McConnell and his cohorts simply ignored it and denied a sitting President his nomination. The Democrats standing idly by as Republicans side-stepped our founding document was telling; Being the party with, by far, the highest percentage of minorities (including white females), Democrats tried to exercise the Constitution’s power and when it didn’t work, they simply accepted it. This is exactly the same as when black people tell police they have no right to search their car (the “4thAmendment”), yet 5 minutes later they’re sitting on the curb as officers put on leather gloves and rip the seats out hoping to find drugs. Republicans tossed the Emoluments Clause over the boat’s edge and the President, who still has a direct interest in his business, has foreign leaders patronizing his hotels in hopes of gaining personal favor. Democrats, just like with the Supreme Court nomination, bark but deep down they know that biting is only for the dominant class.

As House Democrats close in on Donald Trump, uncovering more incriminating details, his willingness to throw the Constitution and rule of law under the bus grows. He’s blocked witnesses from testifying, ignored subpoenaed documents, and even sent a case to the Supreme Court for the Justices to aid him in defying Section 6103 (F) (1) & (2) of the Tax Code, the rule that allows Congressional committees access to his tax records.

This is where black people can help America understand why a successful Trump impeachment will never happen. (Get ready for some broad generalizations). White people in America have (generally speaking, of course) had the luxury of enjoying a system that works for them. They can call the police, who will apply the law and take action if necessary. These white people can also call the cops to gain an advantage, like when they lose a heated argument with a black person or see one in their neighborhood that makes them uncomfortable. They can be assured that the police will use the law to bring comfort back to the white person’s life. The point is this; this system was made for the benefit of white males and those they choose to make it work for. They wouldn’t lean on it so heavily if they didn’t view it as reliable. 

We black people have seen laws completely disregarded by the very people who have the duty to uphold it. We’ve seen the Constitution’s 4thamendment circumvented by law enforcement’s “Operation Pipeline” training, which taught police to disguise questions as orders, causing black people to unknowingly waive their precious privacy right.

In 2015, a fallen tree branch totaled my car. Normally the City of Los Angeles wouldn’t be liable but in this case, because my neighbor complained about it for nine months, with words like, “branches are nearing collapse and could damage property and/or/pedestrians,” the city should have been; or at least that’s what the law said. I will share the full story in a separate blog but for now I’ll tell you that after presenting a case in Small Claims Court that left the City no room for escape, the Commissioner, Robert Harrison, who has since become a Judge, simply said “NO!”  My only recourse is to use my free speech right to tell others about his judicial misdeed and simply accept the $10,000 loss. We black people are used rules only being de facto when it’s permissible to the dominant class.

White Americans pressured Nancy Pelosi to apply the system to Donald Trump’s wrongdoings; they seriously expect it to work. I’m watching Republican overseers of law and order, not only refuse to say a thing about the President’s actions, but aid him by advancing debunked conspiracy theories that intelligence agencies have advised them are plots advanced by the Russian Government to compromise our political system and sew discourse. These influential officials are acting as Russian agents and the whole right-wing political information apparatus, from talk show hosts to writers to radio announcers continue to soil the minds of Trump supporters with false information. In addition to their Russian agenda complicity, Congressional Republicans are attempting to subvert the “whistle blower” program, a process created to aid those with insight to the highest forms of abuse of power. While white people look confused, continuing to compare written rules to the rule makers’ actions, we black people are not surprised. We’ve seen the bottom fall out from under the system throughout our whole lives and have always known that powerholders throw rules out the door when it doesn’t fit their agenda. 

While the rules require Congress to investigate if they receive incriminating information and upon finding the information credible, pursue impeachment, the end result could be a 2020 Trump victory. Nancy Pelosi may think the public inquiry will compel citizens to pressure the Senate to do the right thing. But the reality is that a successful impeachment would mean loss of the dominant class’ power and based on my experience, the Republican-majority Senate will definitely throw the rules out the door. Despite holding Congressionally approved aid to Ukraine in attempts to pressure them to Investigate Joe Biden, whether for the country or for his own political benefit, the Senate will not remove Donald Trump from office. And will it hurt their status with their constituents? Not a bit because white middle America doesn’t care what methods their leaders use to maintain power; remember these are the people who threw out the social standards of not being racist, to get our current financial pseudo-prosperity. If Donald Trump was able to spin the Mueller Investigation, which specifically said he wasn’t exonerated, into a “total exoneration” in his supporters’ minds, imagine how he could spin his remaining in officer after an unsuccessful impeachment. Also, people like to be on the winning team. An unsuccessful impeachment will likely sway many Democrats to Trump’s side too.

I suggest Nancy Pelosi continue gathering information through hearings and when they’ve got all they could, move to censure the President. She already has many of the outspoken Republican Senators on record saying that the President was wrong. A censure vote would put them in the lose/lose position of having to either go against their own words or publicly berate the President’s actions. Sure, Republicans will spin Democrats’ sudden shift, calling it “backing down,” but Democrats would avoid a Trump Impeachment victory while marginally satisfying the democratic base with a bipartisan Presidential rebuke. The country would be able to move into the 2020 election year with both the Mueller and Ukraine investigations behind us.