White Male Privilege just delivered Black Lives Matter a Favorable Verdict.

January 6th 2021 will live in less infamy than that treasonous day should. Why? The effects of a social construct built into America’s fabric called WMAC (White-Male Axiomatic Credibility). America’s founders built WMAC into our nation’s foundation by designing it for themselves. It causes all Americans to regard white males as inherently credible and entitled to benefit of doubt. Conversely BAG (Black Axiomatic Guilt) makes Americans subconsciously view black people as inherently guilty and lacking credibility. We’ll speak more on that later. As we watched Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial and saw how even a Democrat majority Senate was not enough to convict him of inciting a deadly riot, we observed in real time WMAC on full display carrying out its function of protecting the white male’s image.


WMAC Got us Here


Donald Trump lost the 2021 election. Based solely on the credibility of his words and a few details fished out of the narrative, he got his followers to ignore reality and believe him. Had Barack Obama did the exact same thing America, from the officials to the Press to the individual citizen, would have reacted differently solely because of WMAC and BAG. For those in doubt, might I remind you that in 2011, Trump, as a private white-male citizen, declared Obama, a sitting black President a non-American and the former’s WMAC was so strong it compelled the latter to show America two forms of his birth certificate. After his 2020 Presidential Election loss Donald Trump filed frivolous case after frivolous case and despite loss after loss, Trump’s WMAC reigned supreme and his followers continued to believe his words over evidence and court decisions. Trump’s words weren’t the only driving force in this resistance; his white presidency was supposed to be better than the previous black one; he was entitled to a second term because the black president got one. He was entitled to a better economy, better Stock Market growth and better job growth than the black guy because, well, that’s just the way things work. While Trump’s economy, Stock Market growth and Job Growth fell short of Obama’s, he simply used his WMAC to declare different and America believed it. As his failed pandemic response tanked the economy, left wing media constantly added the disclaimer about how “good” the pre-pandemic economy was doing before speaking about America’s economic failure. Supposedly the Left’s rival, right-wing media and Trump followers ignored the pandemic altogether saying that he “created the best economy America has ever seen.” Americans relate George Bush II’s recession to Obama more than they associate Trump’s recession to him; they blame the failed economy on the pandemic, and the pandemic on COVID19 leaving Mr. “Art of the Deal” nearly unscathed. This is WMAC’s effect and it is so fundamentally built into the American psyche that it is second nature for all Americans to subconsciously practice and accept it.



January 6th


The insurrection and attempted coup at the Capitol demonstrate that Trump supporters see our Nation’s principles as a means rather than an ethos. They spoke of “America first” then effortlessly broke into America’s Capitol in attempts to disable one of its fundamental branches of government. That’s not America first, rather that’s an attempt to eliminate America. Had they successfully seized Congress we would only have two branches of government, effectively eliminating the country as defined by the Constitution. To them, America is a great experiment as long as WMAC prevails. Free elections are good so long as Donald Trump wins. Three branches of Government are good as long as all three acquiesce to Trump’s will. White male advantage is so built into American society that white men rioted and overtook the capital because the Constitution not automatically bending to their will makes them think it’s broken. When Trump supporters disgraced our nation by trying to destroy the balance of power that defines it, they showed that they view the Constitution as a document with invisible asterisks throughout that ensure unwritten nuance tacitly agreed to at the Constitutional Convention. That nuance was that Constitution’s words are America’s backbone, so long as the attendees’ race and gender always prevailed. The Trump insurrectionists feel that America voided our founding document in November of 2008 when we elected a Constitutional scholar who surely would have stood out at the Convention in 1787.


The Impeachment


Our outgoing President had a white insurrectionist rally, stoked everyone’s anger and sent the crowd to the Capitol seething with anger. If that statement immediately makes your brain question if Trump really stoked their anger or if you start distinguishing the January 6th rally goers from those who stormed the Capitol, killing and injuring police officers, Congratulations! You have just witnessed yourself practicing WMAC. If you didn’t do the same thing last summer when media and police effortlessly attributed rally attendees’ criminal actions to Black Lives Matter, congratulations again! You are practicing BAG. What Donald Trump did that day is no different than what Black Lives Matter does. He had a rally for a cause followed by a march. However, America reacted completely differently to two similar events, one by a white man and one for a black cause. As if it’s second nature America at large inextricably linked the violence of a small minority of crowd members to Black Lives Matter despite the very first act of vandalism of the whole George Floyd protests being by a white supremacist. Because of WMAC this white supremacist still enjoys anonymity and when he committed this crime, he received media benefit of doubt for a month before police even acknowledged he was a white supremacist. White bigots continuously sabotaged peaceful protests with impunity and the press, because of WMAC and BAG, attributed it to the black people surrounding these criminals. On the other hand, a crowd with Trump Flags laid siege to the Nation’s Capitol, eventually forcing their way in and giving pursuit to lawmakers and everyone’s asking, “do you think Trump caused it?” Media still describes the events of January 6th as a “riot,” preserving actual white-male insurrectionists from the the “insurrection” title. This is WMAC at work.


The public has applied a special standard to Trump’s insurrection. A crowd of people literally with “Trump” flags bashed in the Capitol’s windows, stormed America’s sacred chambers and because of WMAC we’re contemplating Trump culpability. During that week I had a debate with a white male friend whose WMAC held the line for the treasonists themselves. When I described the January 6th insurrection as an armed white male event, he said it wasn’t, pointing out that there were some black men there. He posted a picture of a black man in the Senate Chamber’s rafters to prove his point. He also said the insurrectionists weren’t armed. I instantly thought of my saying “smart people use details to form conclusions and others start with a conclusion and seek details to support it.” Finding a picture of a black guy in attendance to support one’s predetermined conclusion that this was not a white guy event means that crowd would have to be completely free of other race groups and females for him to get my point. As to the armed part, I immediately countered with a news  article about armed insurrectionists being arrested on Capitol grounds and he replied that they weren’t inside the chamber. I then sent him a picture of Eric Munchel hoping over a Senate Chamber rail with a handgun and zip-ties and he says, “I relent, there was one protester with a visible firearm.” Talk about WMAC! This resistance to bad being attributed to white men was endemic, persistent and this benefit of doubt was unrelenting. My white male friend already knew his conclusion and only sought means of letting it prevail. When ultimately faced with an unavoidable truth, he was sure to not cede any unlitigated nuance. Beneficial nuance is a white males only luxury. In black situations beneficial nuance is thoroughly litigated and only then can that element and none other benefit a black person. The point is this: last week we watched the most lackluster, poor effort, lazy defense possible of a person with such serious charges. Although the Democrats added a fraudulent “verified” mark to a twitter user’s post used as evidence, it doesn’t mean she didn’t post those words and it definitely doesn’t absolve Trump of responsibility for his role in riling up and sending the mob that paralyzed our democratic process and ended our perfect track record of peaceful transfers of power. WMAC and the advantage it gives to white males, especially a white male President following a successful black one, brought most of Donald Trump’s impeachment defense. Trump’s second impeachment was rigged because the jury was like juries of the Jim Crow era when black people sought to redress grievances with white men; the social undercurrent automatically tilts the process in white males’ favor. Democrats made an extremely compelling case but facts won’t get in the way of white male supremacy. The President after the black one will have a better presidency regardless of what the actual truth has to say about it.


Our forefathers built WMAC and its counterpart BAG into America’s foundation. It’s embedded in my brain and I have to consciously counteract it. So if someone as aware and against WMAC and BAG as me requires conscious effort to avoid it, imagine those who are unaware. Imagine those who whole-heartedly seek to eliminate racism by convincing themselves race doesn’t exist; their good intentions serve as double cover for WMAC because they first have to break down the mental barrier that helps them imagine race doesn’t exist, then conquer the seemingly impenetrable barrier of acknowledging race’s effects. And here’s a third barrier; if they’re white, they also have to cope with the fact society has been assisting them in their achievements by limiting others. This society brainwashes us into giving white males an advantage and it is so normal that we scoff at those seeking remove it. The word “equality” is even a bad word amongst Republicans. Trump was acquitted not because of any principle but because rules and laws, even the Constitution, have always been a means to an end and not whole-hearted principles. One benefit of last week’s verdict is it was also a verdict on who caused last summer’s protests’ violence. America’s Senate just decided in a 57 to 43 decision that Black Lives Matter did not cause last summer’s destruction. And for those of you thinking the Democrats’ failed case against Trump applies to BLM, it’s been documented that white supremacist groups travelled to and infiltrated BLM rallies to vandalize, agitate and cause violence. Although Trump supporters pretend BLM and ANTIFA (which I think is just a title for white supremacists who get caught trying to destroy black movements) caused their insurrection, the whole notion of it is a coping method to avoid the reality that Donald Trump’s MAGA movement tried to stage a coup on America. Black Lives Matter Didn’t. America’s inherent WMAC reduces their deed’s seriousness and elevates that of BLM creating a WMAC and BAG assisted moral equivalency.