This week, both Democrats and Republicans plotted and executed a plan to further enslave the American people. With Democrats pretending to be “for the people” and Republicans blatantly working on behalf of banks and corporations, We the People, the only part of the American population that perform its duty properly, got royally screwed.

This week politicians from both sides fought over a stimulus bill to keep America going during this catastrophic economic shutdown, which begs the question; if American capitalism creates so much wealth, why can’t it survive two weeks without income? The next question is; what the hell has capitalism been doing with all the money it’s been making? America surely wasn’t preparing for hard times because it doesn’t have, and can’t produce enough paper masks to prevent medical workers from being infected COVID19. Buying one less F35 fighter jet frees up enough money to buy 106 Million masks. This is enough to more than replenish the Federal supply depleted during the 2009 H1N1 outbreak. But instead of spending our money properly, we allow corporate lobbyists to waltz right into Washington and direct OUR State Representatives and Senators to spend OUR money the way THEY want. So instead of stockpiled masks, we got one fighter jet that’s completely incapable of shooting COVID19 out of the sky. The result of this corporate lobbying game is the world’s most powerful nation’s nurses using trash bags and used single-use n95 masks to protect their lives. This is a damn shame!

During the last recession, I tried to buy a house and naively underbid the asking price. Understanding how fractional reserve banking works, I figured the banks, having been devastated by the Great Recession, would jump at the opportunity to get my hard-earned backbone-labor cash money into their system; they would also get a small, seemingly insignificant property off of their books. I was sadly mistaken. They told me to pound sand and sold it to someone who had the money to tear the place down and build a whole new building. Whoever this person or company was, they got a loan, which consisted of MY bailout money given by MY Congress against MY wishes. This person in turn used my own money to compete against me and won. They’re likely much richer today and I still am not a homeowner.

The $6 TRILLION DOLLAR bill  just signed into law proposes roughly $2 Trillion to give $1200 checks to the people. If we gave $1200 to every American man woman and child it would cost roughly $384 Billion, which leaves another $1.616 Trillion left over. Clearly this bill is not about providing the people relief, especially since families of 4 get $3000, just $750 per person. The Banks however, get $4 Trillion in loaning power. Talk about rewarding failure. How much money do banks have if they need $4 Trillion dollars to compensate for two weeks of missing deposits? They must be living like a person making $100,000 per year and spending $120,000. The truth is banks were never in good shape and they bank so recklessly because Congressional Democrats and Republicans will always use taxpayer money to bail them out. The media is in on it too. Larry Kudlow stood in front of all the news outlets in the White House pressroom and said, “The package here comes to roughly SIX TRILLION DOLLARS (emphasis added). Two trillion in direct assistance and four trillion in Federal Reserve direct lending power.”

 So if this is the case, why is everyone only discussing the Two trillion, of which only about $250 billion will constitute those $1200 direct payment checks to individuals and $3000 checks to families of four. Democrats, Republicans, media and the President are paying desperate Americans off so they can give banks the biggest bank bailout in world history. Hard working Americans have no friends except each other. We just have to realize that we are all on the same team; this team provides 100% of the labor used for every single bank bailout and it even pays the hefty salaries of the people giving it away against our will.

Since Trump took office, he’s been cashing in the Fed Rate to fraudulently make his economy look strong. In truth, the United States isn’t producing anything new, innovating much or working any harder to account for such growth during his presidency. Long before the COVID19 pandemic I began making videos questioning why so many small businesses were going under. I would document commercial storefront after storefront with “For Lease” signs in the window. People I spoke with attributed it to the “Amazon Effect” but you can’t get your hair and nails done or get frozen yogurt on Amazon. The truth is the economy has been in bad shape for a long time and Donald Trump was just putting lipstick on a pig.

There’s no easy solution but at some point the chickens will come home to roost. Irresponsible banking, corporations being in bed with lawmakers and a fearful public cause us to keep kicking the can down the road. Banks, by way of Congress, our supposed “representatives,” use fear of catastrophic job loss to take more and more of our tax money just to delay the inevitable. It’s time to take action. After November we will create a bipartisan movement to replace the full House and Senate. I mean literally everybody. Democrats and Republicans should get together and vote out all the familiar and friendly faces that cause us to run from one politician to the other in hopes of that carrot on the stick we call happiness. We should also begin suffocating banks as described in my book To Pimp a Nation. This involves the people getting together, singling out one major bank, pulling their money out and putting it into another. It doesn’t matter which other bank even if it is the enemy. We may not feel that our money matters but Fractional Reserve Banking, where banks can loan out $10 for ever dollar you put in, gives your money an x10 punch.

It’s clear that lawmakers do not have our best interest at heart; rather they seek to only to project the image that they work for us. It just doesn’t appear that they will ever be for the people. From 1984 to present the presidency has changed parties four times and the Congress has changed party majority countless times. During this same period and after all the battles we fight so passionately for, America’s wealth has only moved in one direction. That is from the bottom 80% to the top 20%. It’s clear whom this supposed “republic” represents.




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