White People Think Black People are Stupid

Of course this title sounds ridiculous and today, if you ask anyone if black people are stupid, they’d say “no.” They would also be telling the truth however, in answering this they are only referencing their conscious minds and don’t realize that America subconsicously teaches all Americans that black people lack intelligence. If you bend a wire in one direction, you must bend it in the opposite direction to get it somewhat straight again. Western academia, the clergy, and America at large thoroughly bent the American wire of social regard towards blacks in the direction of ignorance and never even bent it back, much less in the opposite direction. To fix the false notions that blacks are less intelligent not only would America have to face the ugly truth that Academia taught black mental inferiority in all of its schools and universities, it would also have to grapple with many truths America avoided. For instance, scientists still deny that Egypt, the world’s first civilization, was black. It gave all other civilizations, including Greece, which America has historically taught was the world’s first civilization, a basis for founding their own civilizations. Another lightly glazed over fact is that black people are the parents of all humanity. Sure we all understand that humanity began in Africa but the prevailing mentality glazes over the fact that humanity began black and all other race groups painted from the black genetic pallet, via reduction, to achieve their individual phenotypes. Most think humanity was white and became black in reaction to the sunny environment in Africa. This is untrue. In other words, all other humans are a derivative of black people. The foregoing my seem like black supremacy but they are factual statements perceived through Western society’s recalibrated racial regard, which zeroed its scale out with white superiority still sitting on one of its plates.

I raise these points to emphasize the underlying mentality created to degrade the perception of black people in the mind of unsuspecting America. Today’s political dialogue reflects this disposition when people discuss “the black vote.” Less than 60 years into our so-called “freedom,” we are awakening politically. As a person with an enthusiastic political mind, the conversations I’m having with white Americans are condescending at best if not insulting. So let’s tackle the main cliché white people constantly think they’re introducing to me as a political revelation.

Democrats were the party of slavery.

We already know that Democrats were the pro-slavery party so stop bringing it up as if white people have been holding some arcane racial silver bullet that will subvert our dependence on the Democratic party and shift our mentality towards some stronger Republican outlook. Every time a white person brings this fact up in a debate it insults me because 1. They think I, an intelligent black man, somehow am avoiding the fact of the Democratic slavery south or ignorant to it despite being taught this in 8thgrade history. And 2. They think they can use slavery to cajole my decision-making, as if we black people hadn’t long ago accommodated the realities of America’s brutal history. Slavery is a big deal to us just like police violence. But don’t let the grace we exhibit when dealing with these subjects fool you. We have learned how to work within a hostile environment and function despite the evils we face. During slavery, white America thought slaves were happy because they sang and danced to deal with their sorrows. In truth, white people were subconsciously using our great exuberance as a mental tool to rationalize the continuation of their own evils deeds. Likewise today we produce such a great culture despite the multitude of ills society has stacked against us. Just as with slavery and our singing and dancing, white America rationalizes our spirit, greatness and what appears to be whole-hearted dedication as us being enthusiastically satisfied. No, we just do things in good faith and from our hearts. We know we give the Democratic Party political muscle for marginal results. We have already factored in Left Wing racism and choose Democrats because they are the party that actually needs us to accomplish their goal of competing with the party that doesn’t need us.

Here are the words of Abraham Lincoln, a Republican;

I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the black and white races — that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making VOTERS or jurors of negroes, NOR OF QUALIFYING THEM HOLD OFFICE, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any of her man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.

Abraham Lincoln and his soldiers were racists fighting for white male interests against other racist white males who, too, were fighting for white male interests. None of it had anything more to do with black people other than the North not getting a big enough cut of my forefathers’ backbone labor. In like fashion, today’s political volley between Democrats and Republicans is nothing more than white male interests vs white male interests; we blacks are just a bargaining chip.

I often speak of WMAC, which stands for White Male Axiomatic Credibility. WMAC is an American disposition that automatically regards white males (and females when not contending with white males) as credible. Conversely, American society sees black people as lacking credibility. Donald Trump’s presidency shows WMAC from the highest levels of society. His decisions are driven by ego, money and his drive to bolster his sense of self. However, WMAC causes media to interpret his decisions as tact. There were countless reports saying “I wonder where he’s going with this” and “what’s his strategy” when he’d make some knee-jerk reaction-decision like a trade war with China or, after bragging about supporting the military, attempting to divert military funds to his border wall. When Barack Obama said Trayvon Martin “could have been me 35 years ago” or when he said the police that arrested Henry Louis Gates in front of his own home “acted stupidly,” the media didn’t regard these brilliantly tactful uses of words to address racial matters, while as the first black president, not stepping on the a racial landmine, as strategy. They regarded Obama’s words as emotional reactions; WMAC caused these two different responses to a white and a black president, but if that example didn’t illustrate the point, consider a point my friend brought up when discussing this blog; Before Donald Trump was president, he leveraged his WMAC against a sitting black president when he accused him of not being American. With absolutely no proof and just his WMAC, Donald Trump not only got white America to question Barack Obama’s citizenship, but even after releasing his short-form birth certificate, Trump’s WMAC even overruled that documentation. Despite Trump’s WMAC compelling the most powerful man in the world to “show his papers,” including his long-form birth certificate, many white Americans still believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya; WMAC is powerful on the white side a debilitating on the black. This past Presidential election we black people delivered a Democrat victory and media at large attributes it to a sentimental and naïve, emotional attachment to the Democrats. This is not true. We understand white supremacy well and the America we know wouldn’t elect a Jewish man as president. Racist white men hate Jews more than us not only because they are harder to distinguish from themselves but because they consider black people incapable of the intelligence necessary to subvert their interests. They feel Jews are extremely intelligent yet conniving.

Another indication of how stupid Republicans think black people is them running Joe Collins against Maxine Waters. They invested $10 million dollars to run a deadbeat Father, dishonorably discharged from the military against a long-standing legacy. The Republican party clearly saw no other quality than the color of his skin and obviously thought that would that either we weren’t smart enough to find out or would place more stock in his color than his background.

The fact that media at large are not speaking about the decisive show of political force black people exhibited in the 2020 Presidential Elections shows how stupid White America thinks we black people are. And now with the Senate majority secured, thanks to black people, you would think media would flock to black communities nationwide to learn more about what makes us tick. Sadly, America at large attribute black people’s power move to emotion and racial leanings. Average white Americans touting “Democrats were the party of slavery” as if it is of any significance to us shows they think we don’t think much or make tactful decisions. Well consider this: America wrote us in as slaves. Today I live in Los Angeles and drive a BMW. You must admit that something went wrong with White males’ plan. In addition to this, knowing that white males are the absolute best at warfare and barbarity, we achieved all of our gains within a system stacked against us without using war or barbarity, which, of course, would be a death sentence. White males have never achieved anything in this manner (Prove me wrong). We are also doing the unprecedented act in Western society of acting in good faith. We have achieved this new style of social gain in Western society while lacking unity, being social dysfunctional and constantly quarreling over meaningless issues. We black people are making constant gains under the most adverse circumstances versus a consciously hateful adversary. In other words, black people are making tactful gains while on autopilot. We are far from as stupid as America thinks we are…