21 Days of White Male Supremacy

Note: I use the term “White Male Supremacy” instead of “White Supremacy” because the ideology is and has always been about white male rulership of the world. It has never sought to elevate and empower white women, which is why there is a Feminism and #metoo movement. This does not mean white women can’t practice … [Read more…]

The Black Social Deficit

I have figured it out! I have pinpointed exactly what racial element causes American citizens’ disconnect. America’s racial problem is caused by what I am terming, the “Black Social Deficit” (BSD). The BSD is the automatic lack of credibility and unconscious notion of criminal and violent tendencies factored into the identity of black people. Conversely, … [Read more…]

The Unemployment 800lb Gorilla in the Room Media and Employers WON’T Discuss

Business owners are complaining today about unemployment hurting their efforts to hire workers. However, there’s an 800 pound gorilla in the room that they, nor the media dare to mention. That 800-pound gorilla is, why not just offer a higher wage? Considering offering a higher wage is like the third-rail in this American discussion and … [Read more…]