How Donald Trump Could EASILY Win 2020

Donald Trump has always exploited systems as means to and end. Whether by using bankruptcy to stiff workers thereby creating higher profits or by using a court settlement to avoid being officially deemed a racist. In one case Donald Trump enjoyed the privilege of generating wealth without adding to the material worth of an endeavor and … [Read more…]

Joe Biden’s legacy (My Dream Scenario)

Joe Biden’s contemplation of running for President arouses a fantasy of mine that, if done, would take his legacy to heights unheard of. “Uncle Joe” has secured his legacy with black people by faithfully supporting our biggest Western triumph, a successful Black Presidency. Our incredulity towards white males’ good intentions is universal so his faithful … [Read more…]

Nancy Pelosi May be Playing Chess on an Unprecedented Level.

  In a huge blow to anti-Trump momentum, Nancy Pelosi announced she does not plan to impeach Donald Trump, citing that “he’s just not worth it.” This bland and superficial statement reeks of deeper strategy. Well, Donald Trump’s impeachment is definitely worth it to Democrats, especially ones less likely to understand or be sympathetic to … [Read more…]

Jussie Smollett and Presumptive Guilt

It looks like the Jussie Smollett assault may be a hoax. But everyone already knew this, right? Or did they? There’s an American tendency and major racial dynamic at play in this highly contentious matter and I think it could unify all Americans in the common cause of eliminating it. Black men are all too … [Read more…]