White Male Privilege just delivered Black Lives Matter a Favorable Verdict.

January 6th 2021 will live in less infamy than that treasonous day should. Why? The effects of a social construct built into America’s fabric called WMAC (White-Male Axiomatic Credibility). America’s founders built WMAC into our nation’s foundation by designing it for themselves. It causes all Americans to regard white males as inherently credible and entitled … [Read more…]

White People Think Black People are Stupid

Of course this title sounds ridiculous and today, if you ask anyone if black people are stupid, they’d say “no.” They would also be telling the truth however, in answering this they are only referencing their conscious minds and don’t realize that America subconsicously teaches all Americans that black people lack intelligence. If you bend … [Read more…]

Our Democracy is a Sh*t Show

  The Presidential election was a shit show. Although my candidate ended up victorious, the elections were a big letdown. Voting day for me usually begins with a big breakfast followed by a trip down the street to the polls, my day’s errands, coffee and finally me sitting on the couch at home flipping from … [Read more…]

The Reality Palette

Western culture is the world’s first bad faith culture and America’s leadership has made the world’s greatest country a bad faith nation. Humanity’s history has never seen such a perverse normalization of insincerity like Western culture has advanced throughout the world. Donald Trump, the West’s leader, magnified this dysfunctional trait and just like President Richard … [Read more…]